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In the past few weeks I have been consulting with people in the know about how to build my blog, my business and also promotion. This has been a focused goal of mine for some time, mainly because Tobersonstudios will be going through the steps to become an official buisness entity in Minnesota. So, I am developing myself simultaneously as a professional artist and a buisness person. I am learning more every day and trying not to burn too many candles at the same time. One of the tasks that is important to me is the visual theme of my blog, I want to make it consistent, recognizable and appealing to my audience.  I have been consulting with Kate Renee, a local budding consultant in this area, and shopping around to develop a brand new look for my blog! As I develop this, I will try out different themes to see what best represents my work and personality of the blog itself, When I come up with something, I will post on my Facebook Tobersonstudios page and my personal page so you can look and let me know what you think! You put a comment here or on my contact page. Please visit the Tobersonstudios Facebook page and like it to comment there and see updates on the Makeover!
Scratchboard etching

Scratchboard etching

Carpe Diem: how fleeting is time

images- falling rosebuds3  Last post I wrote about how fleeting is time and about the issue of trying to get a hold on it. I looked up some references and want to share some here.

Of Course there is the famous "Carpe Diem" or "Seize the Day"and the equally famous "Gather ye rosebuds while ye May" by 17th century poet Robert Herrick.

The real title is: "To the Virgins, to make much of Time"

images-falling rosebuds2" Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,

Old Time is still a flying

And this same flower that smiles today."

To morrow will be dying"

And yadayada keeps on like that til the last stanza:

" Then be not coy, but use your time,

And while ye may, goe marry

For having lost but once your prime

You may for ever tarry"

Wow, I am starting to understand the need for rhyming, really works here!

It turns out the time theme is very popular in poetry, ancient as well as modern poets feel the need to comment upon it from time to time (ha!pun!)

Horace, Famous poet, philosopher in 65 B.C.E. says to me:

" Scale back your long hopes to a short period .

While we speak

time is envious

and running away from us

seize the day,

trusting little in the future"

Sage advice

....... and now for something more modern:

"We gaze into the night

as if remembering the bright unbroken planet

We all came from

to which we will never be permitted to return

we are amazed at how hurt we are

we would give anything for what we have"

Tony Hoagland "Jet"

I get a sense of estrangement or alienation from the Hoagland poem and wonder if the theme of time spent/wasted has something to do with that sense, a punishment or penance?

That old 60's song "Live for Today" by the Grass Roots comes to mind...sha for today.....

It seems the trick to not take time for granted lies in this advice I found by an anonymous source:

Transcend the mundane.

Recognize the power of each moment.

Value possibility for as long as possibility exists

Ok, one more quote: to tie this all together: " NoOne believes it is happening now" Czeslaw Milosz

I will include some more of these in a future post, so stay tuned.

Disclaimer: I am not familiar with this version of WordPress,, no font size controls and translation to the blog on my site is WONKY!!

So Please forgive the format and I promise that posts in the future will be better as soon as I figure out this version!!

Thanks, until next time: Tick Tock.....

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